Peter Steltzner

Peter grew up in Sausalito, California. He studied ceramics in the University of San Francisco. At twenty he travelled to Europe and settled in Paris where he worked in different artistic fields (ceramics, photography, mosaics) before becoming passionate about wood. He specialized in furniture making. Due to his enthusiasm and his fascination for wood he quickly gained a great experience in design and furniture building. But his passion for mountains and skiing continued growing. That’s how after twenty years of furniture making in the
Montreuil workshop he started making skis. Today Peter works in Les Praz de Chamonix, Mont Blanc. Here he makes his skis which join beauty, tradition and performance.



Anati Graetz

Anati was born in Oslo and grew up in Florence, Italy. She met Peter in Montreuil where Rabbit on the Roof was born. She carries out certain meticulous steps of our production: fitting of the ski edges, assemblage of our wood mosaics, and takes care of the administrative side of Rabbit on the Roof. Like the beautiful Ash of our skis core, she is an integral part of the Rabbit on the Roof spirit.

They are part of our history.



Sebastien Mayer

Seb is our pro rider and friend. A top level athlete, Seb is sponsored by many major brands such as Crispi, Arteryx, and more. Always skiing at the highest level with total engagement, Seb has helped our technical development since the beginning. Winning races and providing amazing images helping show people that our skis are high performance mountain tools.


Laurent Declerq

Master craftsman in ski base preparation and finishing for racing and freeride, Lolo made me understand the importance of hand finished bases, as well as the care brought to each element of the sliding surface. The generosity with which he shares his knowledge has helped me to evolve enormously and allows me today to be able to do every pair of skis from A to Z. Thank you Lolo!



Pele Sangliard

Pele is a Master carpenter, chalet builder and excellent telemarker. His passion for wood has made him one of our first clients in Chamonix. He helps us with the drying of our wood cores thanks to his magnificent steam dryer. His experience in this phase is crucial.


Elie Blancherie

Graphiste et sérigraphe, Elie prépare une grande partie de nos visuels : logos, drapeaux, enseignes, cartes, avec un regard d’artiste et de coloriste qui correspond parfaitement à l’esprit Rabbit on the Roof.



Gudrun Bergdal

Chamonix friend from Swedish Lapland. Gudrun is a passionate skier and photographer. She’s a Rabbits fan and takes beautiful pictures for our communications and website.


Dario Fantacci

Young Argentinian artist Dario has made several ink drawings of the workshop, the skis and the rabbits. He has perfectly captured the Rabbit on the Roof spirit and his drawings are part of our visuals. His impressive work of a very personal and magical world can be seen on


Nicolas Savalle

Nicolas is a lumberjack, landscaper, builder and handyman. A Normand long since imported into Chamonix, he has been able to find us the top quality wood from the valley that we needed. He brings it to us as logs that I then saw here in the workshop with our amazing band saw.


Jean-Claude Marreau

Jean Claude is the former director of the Flégère ski resort, now part of Chamonix-Mont Blanc. As an engineer, he offers moral and technical support in all the electro-mechanical complications.
Naming every person that brings us support and enthusiasm would make a list too long for our site, but we thank everyone that believes in us and in our production of hand made wooden skis.