Rabbit on the Roof skis are handmade wood skis made for modern freeriding. They are entirely made by Peter Steltzner in Chamonix, in the old mill of Les Praz. The choice of the best woods and technical materials are the secret of their remarkable balance between beauty and performance.  One piece Ash wood core, race bases, tri-axial fibers, carbon, and a second piece of wood to make each pair unique.  The idea is to marry tradition with technicity, beauty and performance. The shapes aim at optimal performance in all types of terrain and snow.  We have a range of skis that goes from ski touring to all mountain freeride.

Rabbit on the Roof follows no trend but a constant research based on experience and passion. We combine technical effort with vision and focus to obtain the highest quality of production and results.


The choice of materials is essential for the quality and longevity of the ski. That is why every component of the ski is preciously chosen.


The excellence of a wood core:
The wood core gives body and heart to the ski and brings balance and homogeneity. The Ash wood we use for the core is sawn here in the shop. Ash has been used for many centuries to make skis and its particular grain structure and fibre density guaranties suppleness and perfect terrain absorption.

Technical fibres such as unidirectional carbon and tri and biaxial fibres are used to regulate torsion and reactivity, allowing the wood to express itself and guaranteeing longevity.

Rabbit on the Roof only uses race bases of the highest quality, assuring the best sliding in town and they get faster with time!


Rabbit on the Roof skis are designed as mountain tools. Each pair requires hours of meticulous preparation at every step of production, from the sawing of the Ash logs to the final finishing in oil and wax.  They are assembled in a unique hydraulic press that optimizes their strength through long heat cycles and extremely even pressure. The care in each step of the fabrication of the ski guarantees their durability.


The different shapes and sizes of the skis are thought out both for men and women. The flex of the ski must correspond to its user;their weight, their tastes and desires in skiing. The flex can be modified and adapted on special order. All our skis can be fitted for Telemark and Alpin and are designed for Randonee, Freeride and groomed slopes. Their stability and snow absorption capacities make Rabbit on the Roof skis magnificent mountain tools, made for all snows and all weathers.

Keeping Rabbits beautiful and happy:


Rabbit on the Roof skis are oiled and waxed to let the wood continue to breathe. Each pair has its own story and becomes more beautiful with use. From time to time to restore the marks of use, which remind us of the moments of pleasure, they can be lightly oiled. This care brings them even more depth and creates each unique patina.
As the race bases are waxed often they become faster and faster with time.  This makes for skis that bring long lasting pleasure.